The Gutter Boys…A Different Kind of Company

April 11, 2015

About The Gutter Boys

The Gutter Boys have been cleaning gutters in Northeast Ohio since the fall of 2001. The company started small, from the back of Ken Wilson and Anthony Alberino’s pickup trucks. Since then, The Gutter Boys have grown their list of faithful customers to the thousands! It is common to think that, as a company grows larger, customer service goes out the proverbial window. That’s the opposite of The Gutter Boys. The company philosophy has been and will always be the same. Ken says, “we want every customer to feel like they’re our only customer”. This lofty goal is achieved through three pillars within The Gutter Boys business model: 1. Friendly Customer Experience. 2. Fantastic Service. 3. Faithful Service Techs.


Friendly Customer Experience

The aim at The Gutter Boys is to make every phone call, email, or service transaction as friendly and informative as possible. Most companies barely can manage to return a phone call, but not only are The Gutter Boys responsive to calling you back or answering your email, they are also committed to staffing the office with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Setting up for gutter cleaning service should be easy! This company believes that, and backs it up with the best customer experience in the industry!


Fantastic Service

It’s easy to claim to be the best! Talk is cheap, and The Gutter Boys know that. That’s why they go above and beyond all the competition in multiple ways to ensure the absolute best quality of service! From providing appropriate training to service techs, to running random spot checks on the work being performed, The Gutter Boys back their talk about being the best with action. It’s true, on occasion something may have gone wrong with the service, but all customer service issues are treated with the utmost care and concern. Anthony says, “it hurts when there is a complaint about our service…but we are eager to make it right and ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction!”


Faithful Service Techs

Besides phenomenal customer experience and service, The Gutter Boys also lead the industry in the way they treat and pay their employees and temporary workers. Ken and Anthony love the fact that they can provide year-round employment and benefits for many of their employees. Even the seasonal help they bring in are shocked at how well they are compensated. This commitment to being the most generous paying gutter maintenance company in Cleveland is good for all workers, but it’s also good for you, the customer. Ken says, “paying our guys well and ensuring that we keep guys working 12 months a year helps us to provide continuity of service for our customers.” If you haven’t already, try The Gutter Boys out! They really do want to make you their “next satisfied customer!”


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