Spring Gutter Cleaning Cleveland

May 23, 2015

Spring brings a bumper crop of seedpods, buds, and flowers

Do you feel it’s important to get a spring gutter cleaning? While the fall is the most popular time for gutter cleaning (the leaf drop), the spring is also an optimal time to make sure the gutters are clean and the downspouts are free-flowing. In the spring, the seedpods, buds, flowers, and leaves all fall into your gutter system. Because a majority of the debris is small, there is a high risk of clogging up the vertical downspouts that are meant to manage the water away from your home. Imagine the debris as tiny, stubborn invaders who want only to take up residence in your downspouts. Sure, this is a bit dramatic, but it’s true. This,  coupled with the heavy spring rain that is typical in Cleveland Ohio,  makes spring gutter cleaning with The Gutter Boys a must.


Spring gutter cleaning process

First, the roof is blown off with a gas-powered blower when the roof is safely walkable. This is essential because so much of the debris that lands on the roof will inevitably find its way to the gutter. Next, the gutter is cleaned by hand and all the debris is bagged. The bags of debris are typically left next to the garage. Sometimes the debris will be deposited on the tree lawn, but that’s usually in the fall when leaf pick ups are still scheduled. Once the gutters are cleaned thoroughly, the downspouts are flushed with a garden hose. The purpose is not to “power flush” the clog, but to identify it. Once a clog is detected, our technician will disassemble the downspout and clear the clog manually. Finally, the hard surfaces are blown off with a blower to clean up.


Another solution?

The Gutter Boys Company is Northeast Ohio’s first and best choice for gutter cleaning and downspout flushing…We also install Valor gutter guards too. We are covered with all the necessary insurance and worker’s comp and our guys are trained to do professional work and provide great customer service. Give us a call 440-454-7040 and let us take of this dirty and dangerous household chore.