Choosing the Right Gutter Covers Cleveland

August 31, 2015

Do you have gutter covers?

“They are coming!” That’s the line from Lord of the Rings when Gandolf struck fear in the hearts of all his listeners. “They are coming”…the leaves are coming, and if you have not built up your defenses, you should move swiftly to do so before winter returns to Cleveland, Oh. In so doing, make sure you are careful to choose gutter covers that work. With hundreds of proprietary gutter guards and covers on the market, and with all the varying philosophies, it’s enough to make the consumer’s head spin. With a little research and some common sense though, it’s really not that hard to choose an effective gutter guard, especially if you choose the right company.


A gutter company you can trust

The Gutter Boys have been around since 2001 and the company services over 10,000 houses a year. With that many people choosing year-in and year-out to go with TGB, it’s no wonder they have earned the trust of so many in Northeast Ohio and have become the leading experts in the Gutter Guard Industry. Ken Wilson, an owner, says, “We see every type of gutter guard in action, so we know what works and what does not.” The Gutter Boys can install any type of guard they would like, and they are not married to any one particular guard. They offer a few different options that can fit your gutter protection needs and your budget…and of course, they all work!


What should a homeowner look for in a gutter guard?

There is a lot that could and should be said here, but to save time here is a helpful link that details the objective criteria for homeowners when Choosing a Guard. Simply put, a gutter guard must achieve two very important functions: 1. Effective Gutter Guards should preserve the function of the gutter and allow maximum water flow. If a guard allows the water to sheen over when it rains, then it’s completely defeating the purpose of the gutter (most guards do this!). 2. Effective Gutter Guards should protect the gutters from leaves, seedpods, sticks, flowers, pine needles, etc. In Cleveland, there is almost a year-round barrage of debris affecting your gutters. An effective guard will constantly keep your gutters clean on the inside and should have little to no maintenance on the top of the guards.

The Gutter Boys only work with proven gutter covers and will customize an onsite estimate to fit your situation. You can give them a call to set up a no-frills, onsite estimate today…and they promise an easy, informative customer experience (we won’t hold you hostage in your kitchen).


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