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March 10, 2016

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Gutters perform the very important job of managing the water around your house. When your gutters and downspouts are clogged, the massive amount of water cascading down your roof during autumn rain showers will overflow the gutter system and pool around your home’s foundation. This is obviously a serious problem that can cause expensive water damage to your home. The very best defense against gutter system failure is an effective gutter guard.


The Gimmicky World of Gutter Guard Sales

The Gutter Boys sales team member Craig Tumino recently had a conversation with a North Royalton customer who received an estimate from one of the large national gutter guard brands. The customer told Craig that the salesman from the large brand provided an initial estimate of $8,800, a price that shocked the homeowner, to say the least. “Well, hang on,” replied the salesman. “Maybe I can do something about the price.” The salesman then dropped his price to $5,300 on-site and the next morning called to drop the price again to $3,500. The customer was beside himself as he told Craig, “This guy adjusted his price by $5,300 in under 24 hours—that’s just plain wrong.”

If you’ve ever had an onsite estimate for gutter guards, you’ve probably experienced this sales gimmick, which we call the deflation tactic—where a salesman presents an inflated price then negotiates down (gradually deflating the price) to something more reasonable. The idea here is to catch as many customers as possible in the inflated price range and negotiate down only with educated and savvy customers. At the end of the day, the salesman always wins: Uneducated customers are taken advantage of while more savvy customers just plain overpay— though they do so thinking that they got a good deal. In this sales model so popular in the gutter guard industry today, the price for the install is ultimately based on the customer and not on the quality of the product itself. This is, of course, a shady business practice at best, if not entirely unethical.

Here at The Gutter Boys Cleveland, we believe that the price for a gutter guard installation should be based on the quality of the product and not on the vulnerability of the customer. For this reason, we never employ the deflation tactic. Instead, our price for gutter guard installation is set as low as reasonably possible from the start so that every customer gets the same great deal. Period.


Why Choose The Gutter Boys Cleveland For Gutter Guards?

  1. Expertise. We not only install gutter guards, we clean gutters, so we’ve had the opportunity to see and evaluate every technology and product on the market today. In short, we know what technology works and what doesn’t.
  2. Brand Freedom. We are an independent gutter guard installation company without the restrictions that come with being married to one particular brand. By default, companies that contract with a particular brand cannot be objective; they must tout their product as the best on the market because it is all they have to offer. We have no such commitments and can therefore be objective and honest about the merits and demerits of various technologies and products on the market today.
  3. Most Effective Products. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the very best available gutter guard technology. We only offer products that achieve the two most important objectives of any effective gutter guard: protection and preservation. The products we offer keep virtually all debris out while allowing a high volume of water flow in. Our premium products come with no-clog warranties and are built to last. Again, we are able to install a variety of proven gutter guard products, but we believe the best technology available belongs to Valor Gutter Guard.


Need Gutter Cleaning?

The Gutter Boys Cleveland is the largest gutter cleaning company in Northeast Ohio with thousands of satisfied customers. Why risk the danger of ladders and roofs? Leave it to the professionals to handle one of the most dangerous and dirty jobs for the homeowner. Give us a call 440-454-7040 or click the link for a free quote.