Spring Debris Clogs Gutters

May 11, 2016

Spring Debris Clogs Gutters! That’s a statement rooted in reality. Residents of Cleveland Ohio are conditioned to get their gutters and downspouts cleaned every fall, but spring gutter cleaning is not so automatic. Why is that? Perhaps the leaf drop during the fall months is too hard to ignore. The gutters are literally stuffed from October through December. Not only are the loaded gutters an eyesore, but the customer realizes the function is severely limited because the gutters are so stuffed with leaves and debris. But, again, what about spring?


The Nature of Spring Debris

The debris that falls during the spring is typically small in nature, but big in the types of problems that can occur if not routinely removed. A few examples of invasive spring debris include: Oak blossoms, maple leaf seeds, sycamore fruit, and other various flowers. These invaders can easily flush down into the spouting system, which is designed to manage water away from your home. Downspouts typically have a few twists and turns, and that makes it quite easy for this debris to get stuck, causing the water to build up and eventually overflow. Many customers assume the clean look of their gutters means the system is free-flowing, but that’s not necessarily true. Often, the debris that landed in the gutter during the spring, made its way to a new resting place in your downspout. What’s next is a veritable Niagara Falls when the spring/summer thunderstorms come, but then the damage can be impossible to avoid. Here is a helpful article on the necessity of spring gutter cleaning and the damage that can be easily avoided (article).


maple leaf seeds


“But We Don’t Need Our Gutters Cleaned.”

That was the comment from a customer who said they saw absolutely nothing in their gutters. They called, a bit perplexed because the gutters were spotless. The problem was that the gutters overflowed every time it rained. The Gutter Boys technicians went to the home to inspect the gutters system and quickly found the issue: clogged downspouts. Sure, the gutters didn’t need to be cleaned, Mother Nature already did that free of charge, but she deposited the debris in a place not so easy to detect. Long story short, 10 out of the 15 downspouts were packed with maple leaf seeds. Sure, it was vexing for the customer at first, but the explanation and ultimate solution made perfect sense. For most homes in Northeast Ohio, a spring AND fall gutter cleaning is necessary.


The Gutter Boys Offer Gutter Solutions!

Whether you need spring and fall gutter cleaning and downspout flushing, small in-service repairs, or gutter guards, The Gutter Boys is the company for you. Cleaning and installing on thousands of homes every year, The Gutter Boys is the largest gutter solution company in Northeast Ohio. Remember, “Spring Debris Clogs Gutters!” For a free instant quote for gutter cleaning and a no-hassle onsite quote for guards, call 440-454-7040 or click the free quote button on the upper right.