Valor Gutter Guards Cleveland

May 25, 2016

The Gutter Boys in Cleveland, OH are proud to install Valor Gutter Guards. Having been in the gutter industry since 2001, Ken and Anthony (the owners of TGB) have not always recommended gutter guards. The reason is that the technology just was not there. The Gutter Boys clean over 10,000 houses a year and see every conceivable gutter guard. From the super expensive gutter helmets and covers to the proprietary, self-constructed gutter screens, there just wasn’t a guard that could balance the twin objectives of preservation and protection…but that all changed with Micro-Mesh technology, and more specifically, Valor Gutter Guards.


Guards Should Protect

The main objective for any consumer in getting gutter guards is to prevent debris from entering the gutter system. Every spring and fall debris makes its descent onto the roof, into the gutters, and ultimately down the spouts underground. Clogged gutters can lead to overflow, which can damage your roof, the interior of your home, and your foundation. What’s worse is the debris can clog the underground drainage tiles, causing them to crack, which can lead to even more costly repairs. The homeowner is right to want to try to prevent these potential issues before they start. Protecting the gutters with a guard makes sense, especially if it can keep ALL the debris out. The funny thing is that there are a lot of name-brand gutter guards on the market that are designed to allow debris into the gutter system. For example, Leaf Guard, and other Surface Tension style gutter guards, actually install over-sized 3×4 downspouts, so the debris can flush down the system easier. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Recently, a customer contacted The Gutter Boys to install Valor Gutter Guards. The TGB technician noted that 5/6 downspouts were clogged all the way through the underground pipes. The customer had them inspected, and you guessed it, they are now on the hook for thousands in excavation and repairs. The best way to deal with debris is to never let it in the system…period. This customer didn’t realize it until it was too late. Valor Gutter Guard has a 20-year no-clog warranty and will not have to be uninstalled to clean debris out from underneath them, because no debris can get through the stainless steel micro-mesh. The system is completely enclosed and the debris sheds off the top easily because of the slight installed angle, and the raised S Curve design of the guard.


Guards Should Preserve

Beyond preventing debris from entering the gutter system, a good gutter guard should preserve the function of the gutters. Gutters are meant to manage the flow of water from the roof, through the gutters, and away from the home. Believe it or not, but many consumers do not even realize that this is just as important a criterion as protection. If the gutter guard keeps debris out but doesn’t allow the gutter to do what it was designed to do-manage water flow-then the gutter guard fails. Again, Valor performs better than any other gutter guards on the market in the important category of “Water Throughput.” Simply stated, it’s the amount of water a guard can take in a minute, and Valor takes in the most water of them all. Where most of the guards allow the water to simply sheen over the top during heavy rains, Valor drinks the water in fast. So, preserving the function of the gutter is just as important as protecting it. Really, both are vital to having peace of mind that the investment you make as a homeowner is a prudent one. Yes, Valor keeps all the debris out, while allowing maximum water flow! It’s not too good to be true, it’s just the best, most technologically advanced gutter guard on the market.


Valor Gutter Guards…Sounds Expensive

After becoming believers in the micro-mesh technology employed by Valor, the next question usually pops up predictably: “will this cost a fortune?” Seeing that the major Brands for gutter protection usually charge between $28 to $42 per linear foot for their guards, the homeowner feels that Valor should cost more, because of its superior design and effectiveness. That’s a logical concept, but not necessarily true with The Gutter Boys. Valor almost consistently installs much lower than the major gutter guard brands. Aside from price gouging, which isn’t ethical, Valor is the most cost-effective guard on the market. The NCR Consumer Advocacy Group is the largest publisher of independent 3rd party testing, ratings, and reviews for the gutter cover and home improvement industry, and they produce a list of the winners each year. Valor Gutter Guards won for 2015 and 2016 for EVERY category, including price! So, you can get the best gutter guard and get great value. That’s not too good to be true. Call The Gutter Boys for Valor Gutter Guards Cleveland 440-454-7040 or click the top right.


Valor Gutter Guards