A Second Look at Gutter Guards

August 25, 2016

If you’ve had a gutter guard company to your home pitching their systems, one of two things most likely have happened. 1. You either reluctantly pulled the trigger on an overpriced, under-performing gutter guard system, or 2. you decided to never, ever have a salesman back.


Give Quality Guards a Chance…

The Gutter Boys Co. wants you to take a second look at gutter guards. Think of your cell phone. You haven’t always had such a technologically advanced phone at your fingertips. It’s taken years of innovation and development to bring you such a useful product. The gutter guard industry is similar. Surface tension, flat deck, sponges, and other types of gutter guards entered the scene, but their effectiveness left more to be desired. The best innovations in the gutter guard industry have occurred only just recently; micro-mesh gutter guards have proven to be the best advancement yet. Combining a strong aluminum frame for durability, along with stainless-steel micro-mesh to keep out all the debris, our guards are objectively the best on the market! The Gutter Boys are the exclusive installer for Valor Gutter Guards in Northeast Ohio. So give our guards a chance. We know once you interact with the guards and see the quality, you will be a believer too! And just like your smartphone you can’t live without, our guards will make life so much easier and worry-free for the life of your home.


Give Reasonably Priced Guards a Chance…

We realize the gutter guard industry can be gimmicky, but The Gutter Boys Co. doesn’t play by those types of rules (check out this article). We believe gutter guards should not be priced based on the customer’s vulnerability and lack of information. The price should always be based on the quality and value of the product. The graphic below and the link to NCR’s website are helpful for seeing that Valor is much more affordable than the big name gutter guard companies on the market (Gutter Helmet, Leaf Guard, K Guard, and Leaf Filter). The Gutter Boys Co., not being bound by any particular brand, is married to the ongoing pursuit of the best gutter guard technology available at an affordable price.

NCR Valor best price

Give our Refreshing Salesmen a Chance…

Yes, the gutter industry is replete with rolling stone salesmen looking to slap inferior guards on your home while making a quick buck, but The Gutter Boys Co. is different. Our salesmen look to inform the consumer while doing everything in their power to solve real gutter problems. Again, it’s easy to measure a home for gutter protection while never getting up on a ladder, but problem spots and potential issues will never be spotted. Ryan T, the senior outside salesman for The Gutter Boys Co., loves his job as a gutter solution expert. We constantly get feedback from homeowners that he is professional, informative, and kind. He absolutely hates to pressure customers and wants them to see the intrinsic value in Valor Gutter Guards. He knows that holding a consumer hostage in their kitchen is the WORST way to do build trust. So give our refreshing salesman a chance and take a second look at gutter guards…you can even request Ryan.