Spring Gutter Cleaning 2017

January 12, 2017

Before commenting on the upcoming spring gutter cleaning 2017 forecast, it’s necessary to talk about the 2016 fall gutter cleaning season. Last fall was one of the most brutal gutter cleaning seasons. Despite a moderate drought, which would normally cause the leaf drop to occur much earlier in the season, leaves continued to hang on, well past their usual time frame. This would not have been such a problem if the weather would have cooperated, but it did not. On December 8th, freezing temperatures took hold of Cleveland, which made work virtually impossible. So, if you are looking for a recipe for a terribly frustrating gutter season, you had both ingredients: 1. Late leaf drop. 2. Early freezing temperatures. Luckily, The Gutter Boys planned ahead and hired a record number of crews. We are still cleaning gutters with the workable breaks in the weather and will be essentially done with our backlog by mid-January.


A look ahead

Typically, the spring gutter cleaning season stands alone and isn’t impacted much by the previous season. That is different for 2017. Again, with a late leaf drop and an early freeze, so many Clevelanders still have clogged gutters. The Oak trees were especially bad this last fall. Even if your gutters were cleaned in November or December, there is a good chance new leaves fell again in early January, clogging up the system. While I was out recently, I randomly counted the houses still in need of gutter cleaning in Westlake, Rocky River, Bay Village, North Olmsted, Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Olmsted Falls, Berea, and Strongsville. I chose ten houses per city and noted that out of the ten, an average of six to seven houses per city still had leaves packed in the gutters. This is unprecedented. It’s safe to say that gutter cleaning for spring 2017 will be a big need. Many homeowners assume that gutter cleaners pack up for the winter, but we do not. Again, The Gutter Boys will continue cleaning gutters during each and every workable break in the weather. Our hope is that The Gutter Boys is your first choice for service in 2017.