Honest Gutter Guard Pricing

April 14, 2017

“The consumer deserves honest gutter guard pricing.” That was the statement that I made to Ryan, one of my outside salesmen, immediately after he told me of a horror story relayed to him by a customer. Mr. Rosalez told Ryan about how he was held hostage in his kitchen by a gutter guards salesman. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in our industry. Salesmen are paid 10% commission to go aggressively into homes and try to hit the home run ball…one-call-close the BIG ONE. By this I mean sell the job at an obscene profit, sometimes five to ten times more than it should be. This is wrong! Ryan specifically told me about a major, national brand gutter guard company that priced Mr. Rosalez’s home at $10,000.00 for a new system. The customer obviously went into shock. The sleazy salesmen saw the opportunity slipping away, so he tried for a triple instead (sticking with the baseball analogy).. He lowered the price to $6000.00 at the drop of a hat, and without the customer even responding to the initial price. After some very awkward dialogue, Ryan said that the salesman blurted out, “Okay, tell me what price you want to pay!” Besides this being so very unfortunate for the consumer, it’s equally unfortunate for the gutter guard industry…


Sales With Conviction

The price of gutter protection cannot be determined by a customer’s vulnerability, but always by the quality and value of the product. I am mortified to hear these types of stories. Stories of customers who feel helplessly pressured into buying products that they see no objective value in. That’s why I coach my sales team to sell with conviction. Here’s what I mean. Selling isn’t about pushing products in an equally pushy manner, quite the contrary. Selling with conviction is a posture that’s knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. We want our customers to want their gutter products. Our sales team takes the time to understand the needs of each customer by asking questions and listening to concerns. We encourage the customer to research, and we provide guidance and resources to judge different guard philosophies. All in all, we want to be able to sleep at night. Sales are great, but the way they are pursued matters a lot. At The Gutter Boys, we have the best gutter protection on the market. Our experience is that the customer immediately sees the value in the Valor Gutter Guard system. With The Gutter Boys, expect no arm twisting or smoke and mirrors, just a top-quality product at a reasonable price!