Employee Focus: Jacob Furukawa

April 28, 2017

Jacob Furukawa is an expert gutter guard installer. He is a very talented technician and he takes his time and does it right. He constantly sends pictures of the work that he does, because he is proud of his ability and craftsmanship. I love that! Using highly trained employees who take pride in their work is vastly different than paying a subcontractor who quickly slaps up guard at a buck a foot! Sure, the gutter guard industry, for the most part,  follows such a model. The Gutter Boys company, however, takes a totally different path. We expect our Valor gutter guards to be installed at the very highest level. That will not be a problem so long as we continue to employ expert gutter guard installers like Jake.


The Cauldron of Customer Service

A few years back we missed the mark. Recently the customer asked us to come check the quality of the work. Unfortunately, it was not up to our standard, so Jacob made it right. Some of the screws were not installed correctly, but Jake went over the whole job with a fine-tooth-comb and correct the problem. Great companies are not made by being perfect, that’s impossible. They are made by standing behind their work and being responsive to their customer’s needs. I call it the “Cauldron of Customer Service.” Here is a recent customer review that displays our commitment to customer service:

valor gutter guards


Expert Gutter Guard Installer

I want to thank Ken Wilson and the team at The Gutter Boys for responding so quickly to my request for inspection of some installation issues I discovered after having Rhino Guards installed over twenty months ago. Jacob was such a professional and his work is completely satisfactory. I am glad I decided to hire “The Gutter Boys” in 2015; they stand behind their products and their work. Good job!” – Bob K.