Moss on Gutter Dome But Not on Valor

June 1, 2017

Moss Gutter Dome…

The Gutter Boys only install Valor Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards. There are numerous reasons why we feel that this product is far superior to all other guards on the market. Whether its, the high flow of water Valor allows through the substrate, to the optimally sized surgical stainless-steel mesh, there are so many compelling and objective reasons to choose Valor offered by The Gutter Boys. This blog focuses specifically on moss and algae growth that can occur on certain,  defectively designed guards. Here is a breakdown as to why certain mesh guards can be susceptible to moss and algae growth, while others, like Valor, are not:


Moss Gutter Dome


Gutter Dome is a very sturdy, well-made product. The substrate is made of a solid aluminum frame, which makes for a very durable gutter guard. The one flaw that we see is that the horizontal design of the frame allows for water to puddle in the guard, between the frame and the micro-mesh. During the hot summer months, the design seems to create the right conditions for moss or algae to grow. It’s as if the guard never has a chance to dry out. Retaining moisture most certainly will lead to organic growth on the mesh. This customer, even though offered a completely new installation of Gutter Dome (which is generous), is likely to decline based on these very reasons. In all fairness, the Gutter Dome Magma employs a larger micro-mesh, so that particular configuration may perform better under similar circumstances. The guard (top picture) is so packed with organic growth that no water can penetrate it. The water simply flows over when it rains.

With Valor Gutter Guards, we just do not see these kinds of scenarios playing out. The micro-mesh is optimally sized and the substrate’s louvered, vertical design ensures that water flows into the guard. It has no place for fluid to sit in the frame and help aid organic growth. The feedback we’ve received has been stellar. Pollen, algae, moss, etc, just have not been issues we’ve encountered with any of our customers. So, yes organic growth should be a definite deterrent for guards whose design could fall prey to growth on the mesh, but again, Valor doesn’t fit that bill. Of all the hundreds of guards we’ve encountered over the years, and we are more critical than anyone, Valor has, by far, been the best guard we’ve ever worked with. Get a free, onsite quote 440-454-7040.


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