Gutter Protection Cleveland

September 5, 2017

Gutter Protection Cleveland with The Gutter Boys. We are the exclusive installer of Valor Gutter Guards. This quick video details helpful criteria to consider when choosing gutter protection. There are literally hundreds of different guards on the market, all vying for your attention and money. The claims are all the same, “our guard is the best!” The Gutter Boys are proud of their over 20 years in the gutter guard industry. As a result, we interact on a daily basis with every conceivable guard. We were more skeptical than anyone, because we see more failing guards than any other company around, with over 10,000 active customers. Because of this, TGB is established as the gutter protection authority in Northeast Ohio.


Literally the Best!

The Gutter Boys believe in the micro-mesh family of gutter guards. Valor 440 micron micro-mesh is perfectly sized to allow zero debris in your gutters (pine needles, seedpods, spinners, roof grit, etc). That’s only half the battle though, Valor also takes the most amount of water by volume than all the rest. It literally drinks up the water! Check out the results from the NCR consumer advocacy group’s 2017 ratings of top gutter guards. Valor is demonstrably the best. Most guards, and even micro-mesh types, do not have optimally sized holes. As a result, the guards either let in too much debris or don’t allow for proper water flow. We hope that this video blog helps form the important criteria to employ when considering guards. We also hope to gain your trust as experts in the gutter guard industry while demonstrating the superiority of Valor over all other gutter guards.



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