Gutter Protection with Valor Gutter Guards

September 13, 2017

It’s time to start thinking about gutter protection with The Gutter Boys in Cleveland Ohio. Gutter guards are a great option for customers who are looking for peace of mind.  It comes with the knowledge that their gutter system, including their downspouts and drainage tiles, are protected from clogs and back-ups that can lead to expensive home repairs.

However, choosing the right gutter guards is an overwhelming and frustrating process. This is because there are literally hundreds of different guards on the market. Each one claims to be the latest, the greatest, or the cheapest option.

Choosing the right gutter guard is easy when you know what to look for. All effective guards achieve two crucial objectives:


Gutter Protection… Debris shouldn’t enter gutters & downspouts.

Easy right? Not exactly. Believe it or not, many guards fail miserably here. Most gutter covers keep large leaves and debris out well enough. Over time shingles debris, dirt, seedlings, and other small invaders (including wasps and birds) make their way into the gutters. This allows for clogs in the system. The build-up of smaller debris in a gutter system will lead to severe clogging and gutter failure. Furthermore, it may even provide a fertile habitat for saplings in the spring and summer. Chief offenders here are the cheaper end guards made of plastic, mesh, and thin metal (found at retail stores), gutter brushes, gutter sponges, and gutter foam. Basically, any other products that sit inside the gutter.


Debris formed by downspout
Debris formed by downspout


Preserve the function of the gutters.

Gutters are designed to manage the rainwater away from the house and can only perform this critical function when water is allowed into them. Gutter guards that cover too much of the gutter, or have a low open area yield, will prevent the gutters from doing their job. In moderate to heavy rains, the water from the roof will simply cascade over the guards. Typically, guards that fail in this objective are the most expensive on the market and utilize “surface tension technology” to roll water into the gutters (Gutter Helmet, K Guard, Leaf Guard).

Of course, a third consideration would be the quality of the guard. A cheaper grade guard, especially those made of plastic or flimsy metals, may do well at these objectives in the beginning, but over time the guard will break down, erode, and warp which will lead to product failure.

Generally speaking, stay away from guards that install under the shingles. In addition to the risk of shingle damage during installation and uninstallation, they can push up the first layer of shingles over time as they warp and shift, causing obvious roof damage.

You also want to avoid guards that raise the profile of the gutter by adding height because they can lead to ice damming in the winter and debris will congregate behind them in the fall. Both situations can also lead to roof damage.


Prevention & Preservation

Years of working with every type of gutter protection on the market have made The Gutter Boys an authority on gutter protection. We know what kind of technology works and what doesn’t work and that’s why we have teamed up with the very best gutter protection system in America, Valor Gutter Guard, which provides prevention & preservation.

Valor Gutter Guard is a patented, innovative technology. It allows for a custom fit on your home’s gutters. It has a stainless-steel micro-mesh screen that prevents any debris from entering your gutter. Also, it features a patented s-curve technology that captures the maximum volume of water. Valor is built tough with a solid frame that will not warp or bend. Valor does not install under the shingles and it does not raise the profile of your gutters by adding height.

When it comes to achieving those critical twin objectives of preventing debris from entering your gutter system while preserving the function of your gutters, there is simply no better product on the market today than Valor Gutter Guard.


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