Spring Home Defense

March 13, 2018

It’s time to start thinking home defense. After such a long, cold winter a certain sense of hope and optimism begins to awake. Sun and warmth are in view. Spring is a great time to come out of hibernation and set some things in order. The exterior of your home is a top priority. It’s taken a veritable beating the last few months, so giving your house some TLC makes sense. There’s just one problem. It’s not all sunshine and roses ahead. Winter gives way to an equally brutal season in Spring. The weather to come, while an upgrade from what we’ve just gone through, typically is just as damaging to your home. Spring storms, rain, and wind are no joke, so prepare accordingly. Here are some helpful tips, along with three reputable companies who can assist you in prepping your home for anything Mother Nature wants to throw at it.


Home Defense with a Generator

High wind is common during thunderstorms in spring. Coupled with the new foliage on the trees, and you have a recipe for damage and power outages. Last week’s wind serves as a perfect example of the Mayhem. To mitigate against damage, follow these tips. First, make sure all loose items are secured properly. Create a place for every object you keep outside and make sure it’s not susceptible to wind. For example, push in all patio chairs or turn them upside down and store them under the table when not in use. I’ve also noticed some neighbors using small bungees to secure chairs, grills, outdoor storage boxes. Another proactive move is to get a generator. This move is not as expensive as you think. Generator Pros has many different units available from small to big, and portable to permanent.


Home Defense with Gutter Cleaning

Not only did the wind howl last week, but the rain caused damage too. The phones rang off the hook with clients who no longer wanted a mini version of Niagara Falls on their home’s gutters. Three factors played into this: 1. A late leaf drop. 2. An early December freeze. 3. Rain. These three variables never make for a favorable set of circumstances for your home. Many customers couldn’t get their gutters cleaned because the leaves stubbornly didn’t want to let go. Coupled with a historically early cold snap, and thousands of Northeast Ohioans went without fall gutter cleaning. If you fall into this category, don’t wait till later in the spring to get your gutters cleaned. The Gutter Boys in Cleveland offer this professional service at very affordable prices. Defend your home with cheap insurance, defend it with the gutter cleaners at The Gutter Boys.


Home Defense with Professional Cleaners

In the unfortunate event that water makes its way into your home (clean those gutters), you the right specialist to clean up all the muck. Water gets into your home in several ways. Whether it be a leaky roof or gutters, a failing sump pump, or bad foundation, water will find a way. As a homeowner, you want to make sure water cannot find a path of least resistance into your dwelling. It’s good to have your home inspected whenever you can, even informally. When someone is servicing your exterior surfaces ask if they see any issues. A chimney sweep may see a loose shingle, or a window cleaner may notice a window that needs caulk. In the unfortunate event that your home’s defense is down, and water does get in, call Duraclean to clean up the mess.