A Different Approach to Getting a Gutter Guard Estimate

March 29, 2018

The Gutter Boys Company brings a refreshingly different approach to getting a gutter guard estimate. We love the fact that our clients feel comfortable with our sales process. Unfortunately, the gutter industry is laden with distrust, but I will get to that in a bit. Ryan Thompson and Seth Witt both work as outside salesmen for The Gutter Boys. Here’s something interesting, neither one of them are your typical salesman. Ryan Thompson received a degree in communication from the University of Akron, while Seth worked as a paramedic at Metro Hospital. What you get with these two is not some rehearsed, wooden sales pitch. You get knowledge, transparency, and above all truthfulness. If you’ve ever received a quote from them then you’ll know this is not hyperbole. Here’s why getting a gutter guard estimate with The Gutter Boys is so different from the rest.


A Truck and a Ladder

It sounds simple, but if the person quoting you drives a car with no ladder, tell them to leave. Fine, they may have a jet pack, right? Clearly, they are not serious about finding you a gutter solution. The other day Ryan told a story about a lady in Cleveland who had us out for a quote for guards. We were the fifth company through the door. Boy, was she serious about that quote! Sadly, she told us something very troubling. Ryan was the only salesman to show up to her home with a truck and a ladder. The other four companies arrived in small compact cars. She wondered rhetorically, “how can any of them even know what’s up in my gutters?” We agree. Not only do our guys drive trucks and carry ladders, but they know what to look for when examining your gutter system.


Wait, They are not Salesmen?

Yep, you read that right. We do not want to put customers through a pushy sales process. You’re never a hostage at your kitchen table. Ryan and Seth are a much-needed breath of fresh air for the gutter guard industry. We love the fact that customers call us back a few days after a quote and exclaim, “you got the job!” That means we passed the test. We were confident in our products and services enough to walk away. In the sales world, that’s crazy. The one-call, high-pressure close is coveted, but not by The Gutter Boys. Because of this, we are growing rapidly. The customer experience with us is phenomenal, and we strive to make it better every day. We just hope the industry follows our lead and begins to build trust with consumers again. But for us, we are going to keep being different.


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