4 Reasons to Choose Valor Gutter Guards

May 8, 2018

Why choose Valor Gutter Guards to protect your home from debris, water, insects, and pests? That’s a good question to ask because there are literally hundreds of different gutter protection systems on the market. One thing is true with all of them: They all claim to be the best, the latest, and the greatest. A claim is one thing, but demonstrating it is another. At The Gutter Boys, we always looked at gutter covers with suspicion. The Gutter Boys Company cleans more gutters in Cleveland than any other brand. On a daily basis, we verify, up close, whether all the various systems work or not. Most do not. That all changed with the micro-mesh family of guards, and more specifically Valor Gutter Guards. We demonstrate day-in and day-out why this system is truly the best on the market.


Prevents Debris

The number one thing you need a gutter guard to do is to keep all the debris out. Sounds simple enough. Most guards do well at this objective, while others fail miserably. The culprits are the cheap mesh guards made of plastic or flimsy metal, foams, brushes, and sponges. Also, helmet style, or nose-forward guards that roll water into your gutters allow debris into your gutter system. The Valor system employs optimally sized, surgical stainless-steel micro-mesh that allows zero debris to enter the gutter system. The guard installs at a 12-degree angle, which makes for effortless debris shedding. They even boast America’s #1 guard for 2017 through the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group.


Promotes Water Flow

Besides keeping all the debris out, a gutter guard must also promote high water flow through the gutters. With many of the guards on the market, they achieve one of these objectives (prevention and Promotion) well, but almost never both. The reason is due to “Open Area Yield.” When adding gutter protection to your home, you are essentially closing the open area of the system. So many guards on the market close off too much of the gutter. Water simply sheens over the system during rain. This defeats the purpose of the gutter entirely. Valor’s 440-micron openings and patented S-Curve design allows zero debris from entering, while literally drinking every bit of the water coming off your roof during heavy rains.


Sturdy Aluminum Frame

The frame is equally important to consider. You want a product that features a lightweight substrate that is strong. Adding a heavy framed gutter guard causes the entire gutter system to sag with all the extra weight. Also, frames that are horizontally constructed hold water, which creates conditions for moss and algae to build up on top. Valor is super durable, lightweight, and constructs with vertical louvers. Besides the NCR, we too have conducted non-scientific tests and Valor allows so much water through, the steam of water didn’t even appear disturbed. Also, the guards add strength to the existing system because it creates a box-like connection from the front to the back of the gutters. What’s best is that it’s made right here in the USA.


Pest Control

You may not realize the phenomenon unless it’s affected you, but pests love your gutters. Birds and bees regularly build nests in them, and squirrels like to break into your attic through the fascia board. Many faulty gutter guards even allow doorways for these pests to come and go as they please. The number one point of entry for animals into your home is through your gutters and fascia board. Furthermore, when it’s dry you may not notice much, but when it rains the debris and nests easily clog up downspouts, creating big problems. Because Valor completely closes off the gutter, this problem can go away for good.


It’s time to choose Valor gutter guards and put a stop to gutter cleaning.

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