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October 5, 2018

Valor Gutter Guards Columbus with The Gutter Boys. The search for a quality gutter guard is not easy. There are virtually hundreds of various types of gutter protection on the market, all with the same bold claim: they are the best! Not only are there a bunch of different brand names, but also different types, all with a very different way of protecting your gutters.

Here is some helpful information to aid in your research for the best guard. When looking at the various categories of guards, there generally are five to consider:

  1. Mesh/Screen.
  2. Flat Deck.
  3. Sponges/Brushes.
  4. Helmets/Nose Forward.
  5. Micro-Mesh.



The mesh/screens are made of flimsy metal or plastic. These guards are not meant to be permanent solutions, but rather temporary fixes to stay-the-hand of spring and fall debris. The openings are large so water flow is optimal, but debris easily works through the screens and into the gutters. Because of this, they need regular maintenance. From time to time, mesh guards must be removed for proper cleaning and reinstallation. With this much maintenance and upkeep, these guards often create more work than conventional gutter cleaning.


Flat Deck

Flat deck gutter covers are made of thin metal with factory milled holes uniformly drilled in them. These guards cover a high amount of the open area of the gutters and generally keep out the lion’s share of the debris. The drawback is that water is kept out as well. Flat deck guards work well if you do not mind high amounts of water overflowing your gutters during heavy rains. My guess is that you do not. Although the price tag is attractive, these guards are not ideal for your home.



The sponge and brush types of gutter protection are super effortless to install. While they are cheap to buy and easy to access at a big box store, they do more harm than good. Sponges and brushes trap lots of debris in them, and usually within one year, require complete uninstallation. The plastic material breaks down quickly in your gutter, along with the deteriorating tree debris. This makes a big mess and is simply not worth the money, especially when you will end up throwing these guards away after a year or two.



The nose-forward covers are most familiar to consumers and tend to be the most expensive on the market. Brands such as K-Guard, Gutter Helmet, and Leaf Guard all employ surface-tension technology. The belief is that water will roll into the gutter and that the majority of debris will bypass the gutter and fall to the ground. It is common to see debris and pests make their home in the gutters over time though. These guards inevitably flush debris down into the underground drainage system, which will lead to expensive repairs in the future.

While the nose-forward systems were novel back in the ’80s, when they were invented, they really are not worth all the money. Common complaints about these guards, besides the high price tag, is the fact that water shoots over them during heavy rains, and the icicles are bad during winter.



Micro-mesh gutter guards are the newest and most technologically advanced on the market. These guards feature a tight mesh, typically made of stainless steel. The theory behind them is that no debris will enter your gutters while high amounts of water will flow through them. Not all micro-meshes are created equal though. Some brands have too tight of a weave, which acts similar to a flat deck or nose-forward, where water sheens over during heavy rains. Other meshes feature plastic frames, which warps and degrades with the bombarding UV rays of the sun, along with the freeze-thaw dynamics that accompany Ohio winters. Beyond that, some micro-mesh guards have heavy frames that are horizontally constructed, which holds water and grows algae and moss on the top.


Then Came Along Valor

True, there is no such thing as a perfect gutter guard. Every type has some strengths and some weaknesses. The Gutter Boys attest to that since we have interacted with tens of thousands of gutters and guards over the years. We were a gutter cleaning company first. Then came along Valor! We have always been realistic about gutter guards, and for many years we were downright suspicious of them.

That all changed with the Valor product though. The guard is as close to perfect as we have ever seen. The mesh is optimally balanced; letting in all the water while keeping out all the debris. The frame is strong, lightweight, and vertically constructed, so no water can get trapped in it. Valor is made of a lightweight aluminum frame, with a surgical stainless-steel S curve micro-mesh on top. It won’t degrade with the weather and it effortlessly sheds debris with a slight 12-degree pitch and a raised mesh.

Why do countless hours of research? Why look for the perfect guard when we bring it to you? The Gutter Boys Company is not married to a particular name brand. We can install anything we like. But we don’t just like Valor, we absolutely love it. We think you will too! Call today for your free consultation.


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