How to Clean Your Gutters

March 21, 2019

“How to clean your gutters” is a FAQ at TGB. We’ve cleaned over 50,000 Ohio homes, so we are experts on the subject. Gutter cleaning is dirty and dangerous. We recommend that you leave it to the pros. In a recent article entitled Get Your Mind out of the Gutter, Mitch Allen says, “If you’re thinking about cleaning your own gutters this spring, I have three words for you: Don’t do it. Sadly, two friends of mine had their lives tragically altered when they each fell from an extension ladder while cleaning their gutters. One ultimately died from his injuries, suffering from chronic pain, depression, and addiction to pain meds. The other saw his high-earnings career cut short. He’s a cardiac surgeon who suffered nerve damage from the fall and could no longer operate.” Still want to clean your gutters? If so, keep this in mind:


How to Clean Your Gutters Safely

When cleaning your gutters, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. Our technicians go up and down ladders every day. They are highly trained in the safest techniques. The most dangerous part about cleaning your gutters is the ladder itself. Approximately 36,338 Americans die from falls at home or at work each year. The most important thing to keep in mind while cleaning your gutters on a ladder is that you are working on a ladder. Stay alert! Make sure the foundation of the ladder is sturdy and won’t move. Also, you want to climb up and down carefully. Don’t overreach or lean, and make sure to keep at least three points of contact on the ladder at all times. For more info about ladder safety, click here.


How to Clean Your Gutters Technically

Gutter cleaning isn’t the most technical job you can do, but you want to do it correctly. First, make sure to slide the leaf debris into small piles in the gutter, compacting it against the gutter spike or fastener. This makes the job go much quicker, rather than just picking the leaves out as they sit. Slide your gloved hand along the bottom of the gutter to get any loose debris or roof granules. Next, flush the downspouts using a garden hose, making sure all the debris is out of the gutter before doing so. Do not use high pressure because the downspout can blow out if there is a clog. If you encounter water bubbling back up the downspout pipe, disassemble it to remove the clog. While the water is running, you should be able to hear it running through the system. It will be music to your ears.


How to Clean Your Gutters for the LAST TIME!

Do you want to clean your gutters for the last time? End gutter cleaning with Valor Gutter Guards. Valor is the best guard on the market, earning America’s #1 ranking according to the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group. Valor does the two things that you need gutter protection to do: 1. Keep out debris. 2. Allow maximum water flow. We love Valor so much we hope everyone gets it.


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