End Gutter Cleaning with Valor Gutter Guards by The Gutter Boys

October 4, 2019

It’s time to End Gutter Cleaning! Gutter cleaning is statistically the most dangerous job for a homeowner. The unfortunate reality is that many fall prey (pun not intended) to this statistic each year. According to the World Health Organization, the United States leads the world in ladder deaths. Each year, there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries, with 300 deaths in the U.S. each year caused by falls from ladders according to InterNACHI. I personally witnessed five ladder-related injuries during my time in the emergency room at Metro Health in Cleveland. One of them was very serious. I will never forget watching the orthopedic doctor working with Dewalt power tools to fix the poor man’s broken leg. Click here for ladder safety tips.


End Gutter Cleaning with Valor

With danger lurking at every step up and down the ladder, it just doesn’t make sense to clean your gutters anymore. The task seems futile, doesn’t it? Like washing dishes but way more dangerous. Debris inevitably gets back into the gutters just days after cleaning unless you perfectly time it. A couple of months later though, more leaves and debris arrive. Beyond that, gutter protection technology is light years ahead of the old helmet-style systems that cost an arm and a leg. Now you have access to the best gutter protection technology ever. As a gutter cleaning company first, we are on a mission to End Gutter Cleaning. Period. Here’s what I mean:


The Best Technology Available

Valor’s elevated S-curve micro-mesh design provides natural water flow resistance, capturing and directing substantially more water into the gutter than other micro-mesh systems, with virtually no over-flowing the surface of the guard. It features a lightweight aluminum louvered frame, which adds nothing but strength and protection to the existing gutter system. Valor installs on the gutter and pitches at a slight angle. This and the superior “elevation and trough” design allows the wind to get under debris and blow it off the guard better than a flat screen design that sits flat on the gutter, allowing debris to dry and clog it.


Installed Only By The Gutter Boys

The Gutter Boys in Cleveland and Columbus exclusively install America’s #1 rated guard, according to the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group. The NCR strenuously tests all the top-rated guards on the market, and Valor tops them all (pun not intended again). Ken and Anthony are Northeast & Central Ohio’s gutter protection experts, with thousands of installs to date. Right now TGB is offering $500 off and 0% 12 months same as cash financing. Go with the local gutter experts, go with The Gutter Boys. End Gutter Cleaning by Calling 440-454-7040 CLE or 614-641-4030 COL