Effective Gutter Protection

October 12, 2020

Are you searching for effective gutter protection? If so, you are in good company. With the pandemic grinding on, Northeast Ohio homeowners are looking for actionable projects to do around their homes to keep busy and add value. And with vacation cancelations at record rates, there is more cash flow available for home improvement than ever before. Gutter guards rank highly among the best home improvement projects because they are relatively inexpensive. Beyond that, guards add protection from water, intrinsic value to your home, and peace of mind knowing that your gutters won’t clog. Again, many consumers are looking to upgrade their homes, but make sure to avoid projects that don’t quite live up to that name (see 25 “Upgrades” that are total downgrades).


Added Protection

When adding gutter guards, it’s important to make sure they are effective. There are hundreds of guards on the market, but only a choice few really work. For gutter protection to be effective, they must do two major things: The first is to keep out any and all debris and the second is to allow for the free flow of water through your gutter system. It’s easy to overcomplicate that matter, but those two criteria are the most important. Most guards accomplish one of the two, but very few combine the two for effective gutter protection.

installing gutter guard

Intrinsic Value

Beyond protecting your home from water damage that Ohio homes are susceptible to, it’s great to know that your investment adds intrinsic value to your home. Stated differently, your gutter guards will fetch you more money if you decide to sell your home. Homes are selling at a rate rarely seen, and making sure your investments into your home are appreciated by a prospective buyer is important. Because most guards are subject to the consumer’s taste, it’s vital to make sure the guards you install on your home are objectively valuable. It should be patently obvious upon inspection whether the guards are going to be effective or not.


Peace of Mind

Finally, effective gutter protection leads to peace of mind. Put an end to the dirty and dangerous chore of gutter cleaning. On multiple occasions per year, a heavy ladder must get lugged around the home. Someone must then scurry up and down that ladder, often putting themselves in peril. Did you know that local emergency rooms call gutter cleaning season “broken femur season!” That doesn’t sound like peace of mind, but ending this whole gutter cleaning charade does.

gutter guards

Valor Is Effective Gutter Protection

As an Ohio homeowner, you want guards that protect your home, add value to it, and give you much-needed peace of mind while in it. There are numerous gutter guards on the market, but only one meets the strict criteria listed above. That gutter guard is Valor. Valor Guards perform better than any other micro-mesh guard on the market. Its award-winning structure makes it the #1 gutter guard on the market (according to the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group). The Gutter Boys team has years of experience installing these high-quality gutter guards and can make sure you get a return on your investment.


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