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Akron is an amazing city just south of Cleveland that is home to Lebron James, the Akron Rubber Ducks, and Akron University. With over 200,000 residents, Akron has something for everyone. The Gutter Boys have been happily serving Akron residents for almost two decades.

Gutters are designed to do one thing, which is to manage water away from your home. Water damage is no joke, making the task of keeping your gutters and downspouts clean and flowing a high priority for any homeowner. A task this big has multiple solutions and The Gutter Boys offers them.

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Gutter Cleaning

It is highly recommended that a homeowner has their gutters cleaned at least twice per year: once in the spring and once in the fall. In the Cleveland area, that can be a small window of time for such an important task before the snow falls in the winter and hardly on your mind in the spring as you prepare for summer.

Not only is this task extremely important to stay on top of, but it can also be extremely difficult to perform. Attempting to clean your gutters with a ladder and a bucket by yourself puts you in a dangerous position that has led to many accidents for other DIY gutter cleaners.

That’s where The Gutter Boys step in. Our trusted team of experts will clean your gutters twice a year, saving you from putting yourself at risk.

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Gutter Guard Installation

If you want to completely take having your gutters cleaned off of your plate, we’ve got a solution for that too.

Most gutters are made of cheap aluminum and won’t hold up to the harsh winters and springs Akron often serves up. Our team utilizes our years of experience to install gutter guards of the highest quality and effective micro-mesh material.

Although there are many brands on the market, The Gutter Boys’ trusted and reliable choice is the number one gutter guard on the market—Valor Gutter Guards. These tried-and-true guards not only prevent the buildup of leaves but also prevent the buildup of seeds, pine needles, even shingle sand.

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Gutter Installation and Repair

If you are looking for a team with the know-how to install your rain gutters to last, we can be of service.

The Gutter Boys have installed seamless aluminum gutter systems across Northeast Ohio for years. We do not believe in installing flimsy gutters that will not hold up to the Cleveland wind, rain, and fall foliage. We only install gutters or make repairs that get the job done right.

Getting the Job Done

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So, whether gutter cleaning twice a year or saying goodbye to the need for gutter cleaning through the use of gutter guards, The Gutter Boys crew is here to make sure the job is done correctly and your investment is safe.

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