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Bay Village residents get to enjoy a beautiful stretch of wooded Lake Erie shoreline. However, being so close to the water can take its toll on your home, including your gutter system. When gutters fill with debris like fallen leaves, twigs, or dirt, they cannot perform their central function of directing water away from your home. That’s where The Gutter Boys comes in.

We provide all the gutter services you need to keep your gutters performing like they should and protect your home from water damage.

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A Dangerous But Necessary Task

Gutter Cleaning

We recommend that gutter systems should be cleaned at least twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall—to ensure all debris is removed and no clogs develop. We don’t recommend that homeowners do this job themselves. Gutter cleaning can be a dangerous chore. Most homeowners do not climb a ladder regularly and lack the balance, coordination, and experience to get the job done safely. This is one task to leave to the professionals at The Gutter Boys.

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Gutter Guard Installation

Perhaps you want to go one step further and end gutter cleaning at your Bay Village home. If that is the case, The Gutter Boys will install micro-mesh gutter guards on your existing gutter system. We want the best possible gutter guard product for our clients, and that’s why we choose to install Valor Gutter Guards—the top-rated guard in the country several years running. These guards are designed to offer superior protection and durability. Clogged gutters will be a distant memory once Valor Gutter Guards are installed at your home.

Gutters Designed to Perform

Gutter Installation and Repair

Does your Bay Village home need new gutters or repairs made? The Gutter Boys can assess the condition of your current gutter system and recommend the installation of seamless gutters if necessary. While other gutter companies install weak and flimsy gutter systems, The Gutter Boys installs seamless, .032-gauge aluminum gutters for our Northeast Ohio clients. These gutters are built to perform against the elements, particularly along the shoreline in Bay Village.

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