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Cleveland Heights is a vibrant community that is home to some of Cleveland’s finest amenities: Little Italy, Playhouse Square, and the Great Lakes Science Center. The town also includes many beautiful, historic homes on tree-lined streets. Unfortunately, with those trees comes a homeowner’s nemesis: We are talking about all of those leaves.

When leaves fall and clog your rain gutters, they cannot perform their essential function of directing water away from your home. Instead, water will overshoot the gutter and pool around your home’s foundation. The Gutter Boys team is here to prevent this from happening with our leading professional gutter services.

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Gutter Cleaning

In general, we recommend that gutters be cleaned two times a year at the very least. This usually occurs once in the spring and once in the fall. Now, many homeowners are tempted to drag that old ladder and bucket from the garage to complete the task on their own. We caution you against doing so. For one thing, there are more than 90,000 ladder-related accidents every year. That is not a statistic we enjoy sharing, but we want to keep homeowners safe.

Keep that ladder in the garage and call The Gutter Boys for professional gutter cleaning instead.

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Gutter Guard Installation

There is an alternative to gutter cleaning, and that is having The Gutter Boys install gutter guards over your existing gutters. Gutter guards do exactly what their name suggests: They guard your gutter against an accumulation of leaves, twigs, grit, and other debris. Keep in mind that some gutter guards on the market are not designed to handle the elements that Northeast Ohio can bring. That’s why we choose to install Valor Gutter Guards, the top-rated guard on the market for durability, strength, and performance.

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Gutter Installation and Repair

Repeat after us: No more flimsy gutter systems! You might consider installing a cheaper gutter system on your home to save a few bucks, but you will pay for it later on when the gutters inevitably warp and break down. When you need new rain gutters, don’t settle for anything less than the high-quality seamless gutters—made of strong aluminum—installed by The Gutter Boys.

Our technicians are skilled and trained in the art of gutter installation and repair. We pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure effective installation and performance.

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It is time to say goodbye to DIY gutter cleaning, flimsy gutter guards, and inadequate gutter systems. Work with a team that is truly passionate about giving homeowners the best-possible results and protection for their home. Work with The Gutter Boys.

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