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Medina is the proud home of thousands of Northeast Ohio residents. Given the city’s charm, amenities, and beautiful scenery, most residents plan to stay in their Medina home for years to come. Because of this, it will be so important for homeowners to be proactive about their gutter maintenance.

Gutters must be maintained to ensure they continue to protect your home against water damage, and we know how easy it is for gutter maintenance to fall off the radar. That’s why we want you to let us handle it going forward with our professional gutter services.

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Gutter Cleaning

Many homeowners enjoy a good DIY project, but there’s one job that should be left to the professionals: Gutter cleaning. Not to be downers here, but there are real dangers involved with cleaning your own gutters. We’re talking about things like an unsteady ladder, slippery surfaces, and losing your balance—not a good combination.

Before you step on that ladder, remember that The Gutter Boys is a call away. When we visit your home, safety is our top priority. Our trained technicians will clean your gutters safely, effectively, and thoroughly.

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Gutter Guard Installation

There’s an alternative to gutter cleaning, and that’s gutter guard installation. You may have heard from a neighbor who had ineffective gutter guards installed that eventually broke down and did not adequately keep out debris. That will not be the case when you call The Gutter Boys.

The Gutter Boys install Valor Gutter Guards, the leading brand on the market. Let us install these top-rated micro-mesh guards at your home and say goodbye to gutter cleaning for good.

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Gutter Installation and Repair

When it comes to gutter installation, remember that not all rain gutters are created equally. There are many inferior, flimsy gutter systems installed in Medina that will not stand a chance against Northeast Ohio weather.

If you need a new gutter system installed, call The Gutter Boys for leading seamless gutter installation. Our seamless gutters are durable, high quality, and effective at keeping water flowing away from your home. Our team performs lasting gutter repairs as well, no matter the size.

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Medina homeowners have been calling on us for years to perform our leading gutter services. Whether you need gutter cleaning or are interested in having gutter guards installed at your home, let us know how we can help. We get every job done right the first time. Call us or get your complimentary, no-obligation quote today.