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With its four miles of lakefront real estate, Mentor challenges homes to keep up with the brutal Northeast Ohio weather. If you are a Mentor homeowner, you know that gutter maintenance is essential to protect your home from excessive rain and water damage. But with your busy schedule and a packed calendar, it can be all too easy to put gutter maintenance off.

If gutters and downspouts become clogged, they are essentially worthless at directing water away from your home. When water overshoots the gutter, it can saturate the ground around your home and cause damage to your landscape, your foundation, and your home’s exterior. What’s the solution? Let The Gutter Boys take over your gutter maintenance services.

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Gutter Cleaning

It is recommended that gutters be cleaned out twice a year—once in the spring and again in the fall. Homeowners may be tempted to pull out the ladder and grab a bucket, but we would caution you against doing so. Approximately 90,000 ladder-related accidents take place every year.

Don’t be included in that statistic. Instead, call on the trained technicians at The Gutter Boys for safe and affordable gutter cleaning services.

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Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter cleaning can feel like an endless chore. You know that even after the gutters are cleaned, the debris will once again start to accumulate. If you are ready to say goodbye to gutter cleaning for good, we recommend installing gutter guards.

We install highly rated Valor Gutter Guards for Mentor homeowners. These micro-mesh gutter guards are designed for the elements we face in Northeast Ohio and will provide long-lasting protection for your home.

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Gutter Installation and Repair

Unfortunately, the industry standard for rain gutters in Northeast Ohio is low. Many guards on the market lack the strength and durability needed to protect your Mentor home from a high flow of water. One thing is for sure: There is nothing flimsy about our seamless gutters. The Gutter Boys install high-gauge aluminum gutter systems that are built to last.

Whether you are looking to install new gutters or have your current gutters repaired, we have you covered. We will utilize our years of experience to provide solutions and not just quick fixes.

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When you call The Gutter Boys, you say goodbye to climbing that ladder and dealing with ineffective gutter guards and underperforming gutter systems. Say hello to the top gutter services in Mentor. Protect your investment by requesting your no-obligation quote or giving us a call today.