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Shaker Heights residents take a great deal of pride in maintaining their beautiful and historic homes. However, one aspect of home maintenance can often be overlooked, and that’s your gutters. While you might not think much about your gutters on a regular basis, we guarantee that you will if they fail to protect your home from water damage.

Rain gutters must be free of debris in order to do their job of directing water away from your home. If they become clogged with leaves and grit, water can overshoot the gutter and pool around your home’s foundation and exterior. That’s where The Gutter Boys comes in. We have all the services you need to maintain your gutters.

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Gutter Cleaning

Many homeowners take a DIY approach to cleaning their gutters twice a year. They often underestimate the complexity and dangers of the task until they have already climbed the ladder to get to the roof. Statistics show us just how dangerous this can be: More than 90,000 ladder-related accidents happen every year.

This year, leave the ladder and bucket where it is. Contact The Gutter Boys for professional gutter cleaning services instead.

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Gutter Guard Installation

If you want to be done with gutter cleaning for good, we offer gutter guard installation as well. The Gutter Boys believes in offering our clients the best-possible gutter guard product on the market for durability, strength, and performance. That is why we install Valor Gutter Guards on Shaker Heights homes. These guards will not break down or warp over time, and they will provide significant protection for your home for years to come.

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Gutter Installation and Repair

Are you shopping for new seamless rain gutters? Promise us that you will say no to the flimsy gutter systems on the market in Northeast Ohio today. Many cheaper options will not withstand the wind, rain, and volume of fall foliage that comes with living in Shaker Heights.

The Gutter Boys install durable, custom-made gutter systems constructed with high-gauge aluminum. Our seamless gutters are built to last. If you’re not ready to upgrade yet, we can still provide repairs on your current gutter system.

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