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Westlake is a bustling community filled with restaurants, coffee shops, and homes. Many residents have relied on The Gutter Boys for nearly twenty years to provide professional gutter services and help them keep their Westlake home well maintained.

Rain gutters play an essential role in protecting your home’s exterior and your foundation. If they perform properly, they will direct water away from your home. However, if they become clogged, they can back up and shoot water over the gutter, causing it to pool and saturate the ground around your home. The Gutter Boys can help ensure this does not happen at your home.

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We recommend that gutters be cleaned twice a year at the minimum, usually once in the spring and again in the fall. This ensures they are clear of any fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris.

If you have been dragging out that old ladder and a bucket from the garage every year, we have a better solution for you: Let the trained crew at The Gutter Boys handle the task. By choosing to perform a DIY gutter cleaning, you are putting yourself at risk. Your ladder could be improperly set up, you could slip, or another unexpected circumstance could arise. Our team is trained to safely and expertly perform the task and leave your gutters and downspouts thoroughly cleaned.

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Maybe you are tired of scheduling and spending money on semi-annual gutter cleaning. If you are ready to say goodbye to gutter cleaning, we have a solution for you. The Gutter Boys install high-performing Valor Gutter Guards that are ranked number one on the market for their durability and strength. Why do we choose to install Valor? They are simply the best and outperform other guards on the market that warp or break down over time.

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The standard rain gutters offered to Westlake residents are usually not designed to withstand the weather conditions experienced in such close proximity to Lake Erie. If your gutters are ineffective at protecting your home, they will cost you more time and money down the line when they inevitably need to be replaced.

That is why The Gutter Boys installs the highest-quality seamless gutters on our clients’ homes. Whether you’re looking for new gutter installation, or need repairs to your existing gutters, The Gutter Boys is here to help.

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Your home is your pride and your investment. Let us help you protect it with thorough gutter cleaning, expert micro-mesh gutter guard installation, and seamless gutter systems built to last.

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