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Located east of Delaware, Ohio, the city of Sunbury is home to more than 5,000 residents. We are proud to serve Sunbury, also home to the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial. Homeowners in Sunbury have relied on The Gutter Boys for professional gutter services for two decades.

The primary job of a rain gutter is to direct water away from your home. If your gutters become clogged with leaves or other debris, they cannot allow proper water flow and, as a result, water can overshoot the gutter and pool around your home. Maintenance will be necessary to keep your gutters working properly—and that’s where The Gutter Boys come in.

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Gutter Cleaning

We recommend that gutters be cleaned two times a year at the minimum, usually once in the spring and again in the fall. This helps to ensure that gutters are clear of any debris. With all the responsibilities you have on your plate, it is easy to overlook gutter cleaning entirely—or worse, you might try to do it yourself and risk an injury.

The Gutter Boys team is available to perform professional gutter cleaning services at your Sunbury home. Let our experts handle the task.

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Gutter Guard Installation

The Gutter Boys also offers micro-mesh gutter guard installation that will keep your gutters free of debris and protect your home from water intrusion. We install the top-rated gutter guards in the country—Valor Gutter Guards—that are designed for superior performance and durability. These guards will keep debris out while allowing optimal water flow. They are also rated for a high water flow capacity, meaning they will perform even during a heavy downpour or storm.

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Gutter Installation and Repair

Do you need a new gutter system install at your Sunbury home? Don’t settle for those flimsy, underperforming gutters that we see installed all too often. When it comes to gutters, you do not want to cut corners just to save a few bucks—it will end up costing you much more down the line when those gutters inevitably need to be replaced. Make sure you call The Gutter Boys for the highest-quality seamless gutter installation in Northeast Ohio.

If repairs instead of replacements are on your mind, we can handle that too. Our crew utilizes their years of experience to make gutter repairs that solve a problem and do not simply delay their next maintenance.

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From cleaning your gutters to installing Valor guards or seamless gutters, The Gutter Boys is here to serve your gutter maintenance needs in Sunbury. Get a no-obligation quote for your gutter service or give us a call today.