This form must be filled out and submitted by 10 pm each week to report your lead activity from Monday through Sunday.

TGB Salesman Week End Report

To report weekly sales and voided leads.
  • REMEMBER: A job can be considered SOLD only if a contract has been received. Be sure to immediately submit paperwork to the office for any SOLD jobs.
  • REMEMBER: A voided lead is defined as a lead for which no sales opportunity was present, and no estimate could be given. If an estimate is provided, the lead is not voidable. There are two general circumstances that qualify a lead to be voided: 1. No contact with prospective customer was made (customer was not home for the sales call and subsequent attempts to make contact failed) 2. Services could not be offered because the property was not suited for them (hanging gutters, rotted wood, roofing issues, etc.)

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