our story, founding, and philosophy

The Gutter Boys difference

Our Story

At The Gutter Boys, we believe there is a better way to do gutters. The gutter industry is one that is easily entered, but true professionalism is what separates us from the rest! The Gutter Boys are passionate about providing the best customer experience around. We focus on seamless gutters, cleaning, repair, and we offer the best gutter guards on the market. Our team is excited to provide expert advice and quality service and products. We greatly appreciate your trust in us.

As a hometown gutter solutions company, we are excited to earn your business and show you The Gutter Boys difference.

a humble beginning

Our Founding

The story starts in 2001 when Anthony Alberino and his business partner Ken Wilson decided to go clean gutters on an autumn Saturday. The rest is history. Through hard work and dedication, the two have grown The Gutter Boys into the largest gutter maintenance company in Ohio, with locations in Cleveland and Columbus. And it hasn’t just been about growth in numbers. The Gutter Boys is also the most highly rated gutter maintenance company as well with A+ grades and 5-star reviews across all platforms. The key to our success has been simple: a dedication to building a quality business for our customers and our employees.

What's with the Name?

Why The Gutter Boys and not The Gutter Men? We get this question all the time. Our team, of course, does not consist of “boys” but men and women of all ages. So why the “Boys” in our name? The answer is quite simple: When we founded the company over 20 years ago, we were, well, just boys going door to door with a ladder on our shoulders offering gutter cleaning services. Although the boys became men, the company that was founded still bears the mark of its humble beginnings.

culture is everything

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple: take great care of our customers and employees! Sounds easy, but it is the mission we take seriously. We work daily to build a better organization. We want each customer to feel valued and we strive to make an exciting and positive work environment. We genuinely believe our success is not measured in dollar signs, but rather by the testimony of those who work with us daily. Our culture is everything!