Valor vs. Other Gutter Guards

why valor is the superior brand

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Why Valor Stands Out From the Rest

When you are researching a local gutter guard installer, you may be curious about the different gutter guard brands that are available. Aside from Valor, there are brands like LeafGuard, LeafFilter, and Gutter Helmet all claiming to offer top performance and results. How does Valor compare to these other gutter guards? Once you dig into the details, the difference between Valor and the other guys will be clear: Valor is simply the best.

We’re taking a look at some of the many benefits of the Valor gutter guard system compared to other products offered by LeafGuard, LeafFilter, and Gutter Helmet.

Here’s why the Valor product rises to the top:


fully enclosed system
no openings for debris
Other gutter guards have large front openings that allow debris like leaves or pine needles into the gutter. Because the design of the Valor guard includes no gaps or holes, they remain free of clogs.
complete protection
with a 28 gauge metal frame
Other guard frames are made from vinyl, which warps in extreme hot or cold weather conditions, or aluminum. In Ohio, it is important to stay away from vinyl and stick with the durable metal frame used by Valor guards. Aluminum is not a great choice either because the material is thin and can be easily damaged even by light hail.
save money
install on your existing gutters
Not only does Valor offer the highest quality and performance, but it can save you money! While other guards require you to replace your entire gutter system, Valor guards can be installed on your current gutters if they are in decent condition.
high water flow
supports heavy water volume
During heavy rainfall, gutter guards need to do their best work. Valor guards are designed to capture up to 20 inches of hourly rainfall. Other brands are not designed for heavy water volume and water will overshoot the gutter, leading to pooling and potential water damage.
angled installation design
Other guards like LeafFilter are installed flat. This allows debris to build up and clog the gutter. The clogs can lead to water damage to your sub-roofing materials and cause potential wood rot.
lifetime warranty
unprecedented peace of mind
Your Valor gutter guards not only come with a lifetime transferable warranty but also the industry’s only screen clog warranty. This offers you significant protection for your home and serious peace of mind.

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The Gutter Boys would love to tell you more about the advantages of Valor gutter guard installation at your home. Our promise to you is no high-pressure salespeople: We will simply provide you with a quote and the information you need to make your decision. Request a free quote today, and we will be in touch soon.