Why Valor Gutter Guards?

the top performing gutter guards in the industry

valor gutter guards

Choosing the Best Gutter Guard Solution on the Market

The Gutter Boys is proud to install Valor Gutter Guards for our clients. We could install any gutter guard brand on the market, but we choose to install Valor. The reason is simple: Valor is the top gutter guard product available and offers our clients the best possible protection for their home. When you call The Gutter Boys for gutter guard installation, you will get the nation’s number one micro-mesh gutter guards. Valor is rated highly for durability, performance, and results.

Let’s highlight just a few reasons why Valor is the obvious choice for gutter guards.

a job well done

Valor gutter guards do their job

Valor gutter guards are extremely effective. Obviously, when you are talking about a gutter guard product, you want it to keep water in and everything else out. Valor uses a stainless steel micro-mesh material and a patented S-shaped design to protect against insects, birds, and other small creatures and filter out any leaves, grit, and pine needles. The unique design helps to maintain maximum water flow within the gutter.

we can work with your existing gutter system

Valor gutter guards are universal

Valor guards are designed to work with any type of roof or existing gutter system. After we inspect your current gutters to ensure they are in decent condition, we can install the guards right on top of them. That means you save money by not having to replace your entire gutter system.

Valor gutter guards offer

long-term protection

Clogged gutters? Not anymore. With Valor gutter guards installed, clogs just don’t exist. And if for some reason they were to clog, they are covered by a guarantee—meaning we’ll clean them for free. Valor guards are one of the only gutter guard products to be backed by a lifetime transferable warranty on parts and performance.

Valor gutter guards are

a product you can feel good about

Valor guards are made right here in the United States in California. They have been consistently named the top gutter guard by the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group, the largest publisher of third-party testing, ratings, and reviews for the home services industry.

If you are ready to permanently cross gutter cleaning off your to-do list, reach out to our team for a free quote.

Get ready to experience the difference of Valor gutter guards.