Valor Gutter Guard

by the gutter boys

America's Highest Rated Gutter Guard

The Gutter Boys Co. is a free agent. We are free to choose any gutter protection system on the market today to offer to our clients. Yet we have chosen to be the exclusive installers of Valor Gutter Guard. The reason is simple. After seeing every product in action over the last 20 years we are convinced that Valor is the best in class when it comes to protecting your gutters and absorbing maximal rain water.

Why Valor Gutter Guard?

Valor is the nations best micro-mesh gutter guard. Valor is top-of-class and out ranks all other gutter protection systems in the four most important measures: 1) protective effective coefficient, 2) water throughput, 3) strength, and 4) durability.

Valor gutter guards do their job

#1 in protection

Valor gutter guards are extremely effective at protecting your gutters from clogging. Valor’s optimum 440-micron, stainless steel micro-mesh material filters out even the smallest debris including shingle grit and pine needles. It also prevents insects such as bees and wasps from making their home in your gutter system.

Valor preserves the function of your gutters

#1 in absorption

Gutter guards are useless and can be harmful if they negate the purpose of your gutter system which is to manage the water around your house. This is where Valor really shines. Because of its patented, raised-S-curve design, it outperforms every micro-mesh product on the market today when it comes to water throughput, allowing it to handle 44-inches of rainfall per hour!

Additional Features

  • High grade, stainless-steel micro-mesh
  • Raised, S-curve pattern
  • Machine pressed into a solid vertically louvored aluminum frame
  • Installed on new or existing gutters
  • Mounted to front of gutter and back fascia board
  • Adds box-like strength to gutters
  • Does not install beneath the shingles or interfere with roof line
  • Provides for a self-shedding effect
  • Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee and Material Warranty

Valor gutter guards are

a product you can feel good about

Because Valor Gutter Guard is backed by a Lifetime, Fully Transferable Warranty, you can have peace of mind that your gutter system will remain protected. Valor is also a domestic product made right here in the United States of America. They have been consistently named the top gutter guard by the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group, the largest publisher of third-party testing, ratings, and reviews for the home services industry.

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