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Gutter cleaning is a dangerous but absolutely necessary household task. Gutters perform the very important job of managing the rainwater around your house. Without a system to redirect water away from your home, seasonal rains can cause expensive water damage to your landscape, exterior home features, and foundation. However, in order for gutters to function properly, they need to be clean! The Gutter Boys is your professional source for gutter cleaning. We’re the largest gutter cleaning maintenance company in Ohio, providing service to over ten thousand homes every year.

our process

what you can expect

Our gutter cleaning service begins with a complimentary roof blow-off when the roof is safely accessible. We then remove the debris from the gutter by hand and thoroughly flush the downspouts out with water. If you are not at home, that’s no problem at all, we can get the job done and leave a bill in the door. Payment is easy. You can send in a check, pay on our website, or call our office with a credit card.

step one
complimentary roof blow-off for safely accessible roofs
step two
debris removal and a thorough downspout flush
step three
easy payment via check, online, or over the phone

service schedule

how often?

For optimal protection, homeowners in Northeast and Central Ohio should have their gutters cleaned four times per year. Gutters should be cleaned twice in the spring and twice in the fall. We recommend the first spring clean in April or early May and the first fall clean in October or early December. The second spring clean should be done in June or early July and the second fall clean in late November or early December.

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