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How do I know when it’s time to get my gutters cleaned?

We recommend a minimum of at least two gutter cleans a year, one in late spring and at least one in late fall. If you are in our customer database, we will contact you in early May and October by phone to set up gutter cleaning for the upcoming season. In between seasons you may need an additional clean. You will most likely know this by overflowing gutters during heavy rain. Gutters with downspout cages may clog more often, requiring extra maintenance. If you are in need of gutter cleaning services, call us today for services in Ohio.


Should I have downspout cages placed in my downspouts?

This question is best answered with a yes and no. Downspout cages can often work too well. When downspout cages are installed they prevent debris from going into your drainage system, but they also clog the top of downspouts more readily. Without cages, some debris will go down through your downspouts, potentially clogging your drainage tile. We recommend downspout cages, but they do require extra maintenance and may clog your downspouts shortly after cleans. Customers who have downspout cages will be charged a minimum service fee for cages that require maintenance after a gutter clean.


I hear a lot about gutter guards, do they really work?

Yes, gutter guards will help keep most debris out of your gutters. Nevertheless, even with guards your gutters still need to be cleaned regularly! Over time, even with the best gutter guards, debris will accumulate in your gutters. Just about every day we find gutters that have guards installed, yet are completely filled with leaf sediment. This is very bad for your gutters, and many times the guards have to be removed to effectively clean the gutters. For houses with gutter guards that are in good shape or new, we recommend an annual gutter clean, usually in the fall. For houses with gutter guards that are weathered, bent, incomplete, or aged, we recommend a gutter cleaning twice a year. Annual maintenance keeps the guards in good shape and the gutters free from debris. Gutter guards do help to prevent clogs but do not remove the necessity for gutter cleaning.

If you choose to go a gutter guard installation, then choose The Gutter Boys to provide and install them! We offer several lines of high-quality products to fit your budget and a service plan that will ensure their proper functioning and maintenance.