Soffit and Fascia Installation

Protect the Stability of Your Gutter System

Your home’s gutter system relies on a soffit and fascia board for stabilization. The fascia board, which runs horizontally under your roof’s edge, covers the openings between your attic rafters. The soffit extends from the bottom of the fascia board to the top of the wallboard, covering your attic’s ventilation system and adding visual appeal to the exterior of your home. When either the fascia or soffit—or both—become damaged or rotted, they should be immediately replaced by experienced installers and gutter professionals. If you do not address soffit and fascia damage quickly, your home will be exposed to water damage, pests, and other issues. The Gutter Boys can handle your soffit or fascia replacement.

Durable Soffit and Fascia Benefits Homeowners

More Than Design Appeal

Soffit, often made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum, protects the rafters of your attic from the effects of inclement weather and moisture. Airflow can pass through the soffit and the vent, preventing a buildup of moisture. The fascia board plays a big role in sustaining the weight on your home’s gutter system—this is especially important in Ohio where gutters must withstand large volumes of snow.

the importance of a

functioning soffit & fascia

The benefits of functioning soffit and fascia include:

  • Stabilizes your gutter system
  • Prevents water from entering your home
  • Keeps your home cooler
  • Protects your home from pests’ potentially nesting in your attic
  • Disguises your attic’s ventilation system

If the fascia board was not properly installed, or has deteriorated over time, it can become rotted from water running between the board and the gutter. And when soffit deteriorates, it can let water into your home’s interior, causing damage and mold. Whether you would like to install fascia and soffit on an older home or replace your current system, The Gutter Boys can handle the job. We install high-quality, durable fascia board and soffit for homeowners.

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